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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Our SAVE CARNIVALE Telegram Drive!

We are encouraging all the fans of "Carnivale" to take a moment this weekend or throughout the week to send a Telegram to HBO Entertainment CEO, Chris Albrecht, to let him know that we want "Carnivale" back for a third season! All Telegrams sent through Western Union this weekend (through 6:00 pm Eastern time on Monday) will be delivered to Mr. Albrecht by Tuesday, April 19th. The final decision about renewal rests in Mr. Albrecht's hands, and we feel that Telegrams could be a VERY effective way for the fans' voices to be heard.

You see, Telegrams cost MONEY, and MONEY is the language Networks talk. If the fans are prepared to spend $14.99 to send HBO Chairman Chris Albrecht a Western Union TELEGRAM telling him to "Save Carnivale!" (or the like), it WILL get to his desk. It will get to SOMEBODY'S desk, for certain. And it will say "Here is a fan who is willing to spend what MIGHT have gone to a month's subscription of HBO, who has spent it instead on letting the Big Boss know what program we want back above all others."

You have 1000 characters (about 200 words) to let him know JUST how you feel about the issue. And those telegrams say MONEY SPENT. It'll be something that gets delivered by a messenger -- in DROVES -- to the one man in whose hand the fate of our show rests... Chris Albrecht.

Chris Albrecht - Chairman and CEO
HBO Entertainment
2500 Broadway, Ste. 400
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Here is the URL for Western Union:

Dan Knauf has thrown his support behind this campaign, as well. Here is his message to the CarnivaleHBO Yahoo group...

From Daniel Knauf:

This is a great idea! I officially endorse it. But first let me go buy some stock in Western Union! Heh...

Guys, you're so right. The lack of a decision from HBO has a devastating effect on fans, cast and crew alike. I don't think a day goes by in which I don't field a question from friends, crew-members or cast regarding the status of the show.

Why are they waiting? You got me. HBO has all the ratings info. They know how much the show cost. They have the DVD sales figures. There's really only two possibilities:

1.) The fix is in, the decision to cancel already made--in which case they are simply hoping to delay an official announcement to mitigate any ill will from fans and subscribers and potential repercussions; or

2.) They're on a fence, and just need something to tip them into picking us up.

If the former is true, a delaying tactic makes some sense. The farther down the road from the finale, the duller the sting.

At least, that's the theory.

However, I believe the latter is more likely. So tip away. And keep tipping. Shove if you have to. At the end of the day, if the show is cancelled, at least we'll know did everything we could.


PS - And the ad in the trades? Don't bother with that one. It'll be in everyone's wastebasket by the end of the day. I'd rather you spent the money (as someone suggested) on your preferred charity.

So there you have it, folks. PLEASE help us help "Carnivale" by joining in this Telegram Drive, and be sure to pass the word along to friends, fans, co-workers, and family.

Let's make some noise and get "Carnivale" renewed for a third season!