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Monday, December 15, 2003

Because it wouldn't be a Monday morning without a "Decoding Carnivale"...

Clancy calls in to tell John Jay & Brother Phil the good news!

WIRX “Decoding Carnivale” Call-in with Clancy Brown • 12-15-03

This is the transcript from Clancy’s radio call-in segment on Southwest Michigan’s WIRX/Rock 107.1, with John Jay and Brother Phil.

John: A surprise visit from one Clancy Brown!

Phil: Yeah!

John: Brother Justin, how are ya?

Clancy: (Growling) Oh, man… I can’t believe it! They signed us up for another thirteen episodes, and I’m gonna have to be callin’ you guys at five in the morning again…

(Bell ringing)

John: YES!

Phil: (laughing)

John: Yeah, baby!

Phil: Ya know, you ought to get a little stipend in your check every week! “Ya know, I have to get up at five in the morning for these!”

Clancy: Oh, my God! And they’re saying late 2004, so that means that right around this time, I’m gonna have to be getting’ up when it’s completely dark here in LA… (chuckling)

John: Beauty! Beau-tay!

Clancy: (laughing)

John: How awesome is that? So, another thirteen?

Clancy: Another thirteen. They said they might get more than that, but you never know. Who knows?

John: Did they tell ya when you’re gonna start shooting or anything?

Clancy: March.

John: Really?

Phil: Excellent!

Clancy: And there’s no reason to talk to you while we’re doing that, since nobody knows what the hell’s going on anyway.

John & Phil: (laughing)

John: Right.

Clancy: (laughing)

John: Well, you were probably pretty happy when you got the word, though. You probably told your wife, “Hey! We can eat and pay the bills next year. Pretty nice!”

Clancy: Yeah, it’s always nice to have an income! (laughing)

John: Yeah, that’s always good!

Phil: We can get that new G.I. Joe with the Kung-fu grip now for…

Clancy: That’s right, except my daughter looks at me with big eyes and wonders when they’re gonna start doing “SpongeBob” again.

John: Yeah…

Clancy: (Mr. Krabs voice) Sorry, darlin’… That’s over!

John & Phil: (laughing)

John: What is the deal with “SpongeBob”? Are they done shooting new episodes of that?

Clancy: Oh, man… We stopped that two and a half years ago!

John: Really?

Clancy: Yeah, you’re looking at old, old Bikini Bottom reruns there…

Phil: Wow!

John: See, I’m not really up on the “SpongeBob” thing. I know it’s a funny cartoon when I see it.

Clancy: Oh, well… I’ll have to get Mr. Krabs to call you. You can do “Decoding Bikini Bottom”…

John: (laughing) Yeah, “Decoding Bikini Bottom” from two and a half years ago. “Wow, these guys are right on top of things, aren’t they?”

Phil: “Yeah, I’ve seen this!” (laughing)

John: “I’ve seen this fifty times!”

Clancy: (laughing)

John: It’s still… God, man, I can’t believe that! That means Trace has seen every episode fifty times, and he STILL watches it!

Phil: Mm-hmm.

Clancy: Exactly! That’s what little kids do.

John: That’s cartoon’s a phenomenon, it really is.

Phil: But it really didn’t get popular until after you were done with the whole thing.

John: Well… yeah.

Phil: Eh, it’s been popular for a while, yeah.

John: It’s kinda like “Ren & Stimpy.”

Clancy: I guess you have to watch it twenty times before it becomes popular.

John: Well, I didn’t get the craze that adults had about this thing, until I watched the first couple episodes I ever saw. And it’s pretty damned funny!

Clancy: It is funny.

John: It is a hilarious cartoon.

Clancy: It’s another one I don’t get completely! (laughing)

John: Well, ya know… You just cut the voice parts and go, “Just put those wherever you wanna put ‘em. It doesn’t matter to me…”

Clancy: (Mr. Krabs voice) “Where are the jokes in this, for cryin’ out loud? We’re not doing dinner theater!” Oh, my God…

John: Yeah, Mr. Krabs doing dinner theater…(laughing)

Clancy: Yeah…

John: Well, hey congratulations, man. That’s great to know that you guys got picked up. I’m really happy for ya!

Phil: Awesome!

Clancy: Yeah… I’m happy, too!

John: I’m happy for myself, too, because I love watching the show.

Clancy: Oh, my gosh… Well, we’ll have to get you out here to do a little radio thing.

John: That would be awesome! Hey, did you get my little email about the plotline I think you should go with?

Clancy: Yeah… But ya know what? I… I don’t think the sex change… I don’t think the sex change will work.

John: Yeah, Brother Justina comes back… (laughing)

Clancy: Maybe Iris could have a sex change. But I don’t think Justin has a sex change. I think he gets caught in some sort of Nordic orgy!

John: That would be kinda cool!

Phil: That would be kinda cool, yeah…

Clancy: There ya go… yeah.

John: I gotta tell ya… Ya know I love ya, but Clancy Brown would make one ugly woman right there!

Clancy: (laughing hard) No kiddin’!

John: Six foot four, with an Adam’s apple the size of a softball!

Clancy: That’s right. And a five o’clock shadow!

Phil: We have to pack up the radio station, the radio show, and go out and do a live broadcast from the set of “Carnivale.”

Clancy: Now yer talkin’…

John: Wouldn’t that be cool?

Clancy: Now yer talkin’! You can see what it’s like to get up a five in the mornin’! (laughing)

John: Yeah…

Phil: Well, we are pretty… we’re well aware of that! (laughing)

John: Yeah, we’re pretty accustomed to that…

Phil: I got six years under my belt at 5 am. (laughing)

Clancy: We’ll have to make it 2 am, then…

John: Hey, you can get us on as extras, can’t you? Like we could be, uh… I dunno, we could be dirty locals at a Cooch Show!

Clancy: Ah, ya know, because you’re media, you have to go through the whole sorta rigamarole with the PR Department. But… (evil voice) We could start those wheels turning! Sure, I know a few people… Sure!

John: That would be awesome!

Phil: That would be funny! (laughing)

Clancy: (laughing)

John: “Watch this, honey. Here I come! I’m dirty head #4… Right there! Look!”

Clancy: “There I am!”

John: Yeah, that’s it. That’s awesome.

Phil: “Yeah, look at that… I’m the one that just wet my pants!”

Clancy: (laughing)

John: Hey, congratulations, Clancy!

Phil: Excellent news!

Clancy: It’ll be fun. It should be a little easier to watch next year. Maybe not.

John: Why? Are you gonna make it less confusing, do you think?

Clancy: That’s what they say… But what do I know?

John: Well, I mean, at least we’ll have a whole plotline to lean on…

Phil: Mm-hmm.

Clancy: Yeah. And I liked last year’s so, ya know… (chuckling) I don’t care, as long as they pay me.

John & Phil: (laughing)

John: As long as that HBO check clears, you’re happy!

Clancy: As long as I get my hooch, I’m okay… (laughing)

John: “As long as I get my hooch!” Fantastic! That’s what I like to hear! Hey, have a great day, man. Thanks for the call. I really appreciate it.

Clancy: All right. Seeya… Happy holidays!

John: You too, brother. Merry Christmas to ya!

Phil: Excellent! Have a good one.

Clancy: Bye.

John: That’s Clancy Brown from “Carnivale”. What a surprise, huh?

Phil: Very good!

John: Excellent! I’m impressed that HE called US!

Phil: Yeah!

John: Out of the blue! He must like us on some level…

Phil: It’s nice to be liked… yeah.

John: That’s pretty awesome right there.

Phil: Yeah, it is.

John: That’s pretty awesome.

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