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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Adventures of Dirt Girl & the Dust Bowl Kid

"Dirt Girl" Beth & Clancy

"The Dust Bowl Kid" Kim & Clancy

Hey there,

We've been hanging onto this for six months now because, well, we had to! And once the episode airs, we'll be able to say more. But (cutting room floor willing), there will be some pretty funny-looking additions hanging around in the dusty background of Brother Justin's New Canaan ministry, next episode -- namely, me & Kim!

Yes, thanks to the unbelievable kindness of two wonderful gentlemen, co-moderator Kim & I were invited to spend a couple days on the set of "Carnivale" this past June. And even more amazing -- we got to be background extras!

We aren't entirely sure if the scenes we are in will be in this episode or the next, and there's always the possibility we could be cut out entirely. But in the previews for this week's episode, they show a line of people queued up at a soup wagon at the New Canaan site, and another of Tommy and Justin discussing the growing ministry (in front of an outhouse!) We were background players when both of those scenes, (and a few others, too), were shot. So, this may be the weekend that the episode airs.

We sure don't look like ourselves in this episode. (At least I HOPE we don't!) When "Carnivale" dirties you up, they DIRTY you up! We'll be serializing a report on our experiences here, on the Official Clancy Brown Fan Club Weblog where we'll be able to share a few pictures of our trip. But let's just say that Carny dirt is the gift that keeps on giving... three days and about six showers later!

Kim and I have put up the photos above so you can get an idea of who to look for. I've got a baby in my arms or in a burgundy baby carriage in every scene we're in, a faded green rag of a dress (which probably looks MUD-colored on camera) and a brown hat to cover my modern haircut. Kim is in pigtails with a cowboy hat, wearing overalls and a pair of men's clod-hopper boots, and is carrying around a suitcase most of the time. We were in most shots together, but did get seperated for a time, so we're not ALWAYS standing near one another. There's a scene where we're all tramping down a road, and Kim wasn't in that shot (so it was just me and my rubber bay-beh, and a long line of fellow Okies.)

Anyway, we'll be able to tell you more about this adventure after the episode airs. (We still have promises to keep.) But please allow us to say how completely professional everyone on the "Carnivale" team was, and how unfailingly kind they were to a couple of newbies in their midst. These are all good people, doing amazing work, week after week. They are a class act, to be sure.

It was an experience neither of us will ever forget, and we have many, many people to thank. But to DK, and most especially CB, we cannot express how grateful we are for your generosity and kindness. It was the trip of a lifetime! Thank you for everything you did for us, and thank you for everything you do for ALL of us!

We'll have more to tell you about this adventure soon. For now, feel free to laugh at the photos of Dirt Girl & the Dust Bowl Kid above. Frankly, I thought Clancy was gonna bust a gut when he caught his first glimpse of us. And Dan just giggled evilly and suggested that maybe we should get our teeth dirtied up a bit, too. LOL! (Diabolical man...) :)

Gentlemen, for the six inch thick muddy ring around our bathtub, the hotel maid thanks you. (And we thank you, too!) You're the best...

-- Beth & Kim